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Photographers and Friends:

TFR Media Images from the very talented Alan Barbor.

MGN PHOTO Images from the very creative Mike Nightengale.

Code 1 Aviation Absolutely best place to start if you are looking to purchase a L-39, maintaining your's or just interested in learning more about his amazing plane. When you think of L-39 think of Code 1 Aviation.

Warbird Alley Excellent website, there is an amazing amount of information on this site.

Fence Check The best of the best in Aviation Photography show their work here. Fence Check played a big part in the start in Aviation Photography.

Speed and Sport Photography The action backed world thru the eyes of Joel Love.

Warbird Heritage Foundation Based out of Waukegan Illinois, they have a incredible collection of meticulous maintained aircraft.

Skyward Media This is Buck Wyndham's Video, Photography & Multimedia website,

MAS Photo Mark Synowiec website.

Soaring Art The work of Mark Theriot.

Frank Angileri Frank Angileri website.

Here are some of the publications where my work can be seen at:

AirshowStuff Magazine In the September 2013 Issue there is an article with my images cover the journey of the L-39 affectionately know as 187.

Warbird Digest In the January/February 2014 My images of a beautiful L-39 can be seen with the article "In Pursuit of Magic The 16-Year Resurrection of an L-39 by Buck Wyndham".

Flying Magazine In the February 2014 one of my images of a beautiful L-39.


Jeff Ethell Tribute Jeff and the "Discovery Channel" had a huge impact on my love for aviation, always enjoyed listening to him. Godspeed.

Jim "Fang" Maroney Jim as a great airshow performer, pilot and patriot, he will be missed.

Vlado Lenoch We will always remember Vlado as Heritage Flight Pilot, airshow performer, pilot and friend. Blue Skies!

Check out some excellent Books:

Hogs In The Sand An excellent book on flying and flying in the Hog during the Gulf War written by Buck Wyndham